Speak up and support natural gas, says LNG Canada External Relations Director Susannah Pierce

It’s time to speak up in support of natural resource projects if we ever want to see them built, said Susannah Pierce, External Relations Director of LNG Canada, during a recent panel discussion at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in Ottawa.

Being polite hasn’t worked.

“Standing back and saying nothing has not worked for energy projects,” she said.

Supporters need to speak up, and they have plenty of good things to talk about, she said. For one thing, we should be bragging about BC gas, not apologizing for it.

For another, Canada has distinct advantages over the United States for exporting liquified natural gas that should make us a world competitor. For one thing, we’re closer to Asian markets. Spending 10 fewer days at sea can mean cost savings.

Pierce provided the audience an overview of the state of Liquified Natural Gas development in British Columbia.

She encouraged anyone who supports responsible resource development in Canada to speak up, and not let the ‘voices of no’ get all the attention.

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