Meet the Together For LNG Champions

These individuals have signed up to be Together For LNG Champions. Here’s why they think we need to develop LNG projects in Canada…

Paul de Jong, President, Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

“The liquid natural gas (LNG) that Canada has in such large supply is a key factor in world wide demand for clean energy. Strategic development of a strong LNG sector also provides for tens of thousands of construction, maintenance, and operations jobs for Canadians, and provides robust contributions to provincial and national GDP. LNG in Canada is the perfect venue for industry and government to work together to achieve great outcomes.”

Ramona McDonald, President, Complete Safety Services, Fort St. John

“We need these LNG jobs, we need to build economic development in our province. Probably 50 per cent of my employees are of aboriginal descent. When they can go out and buy Christmas presents for their children because they’ve had a job and were able to make money, that brings me joy. We shouldn’t be in poverty, we shouldn’t see people suffering in this country, because we have what it takes to get everybody working again.”

Chris Gardner, President of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association

“By unlocking our world class energy asset, B.C.’s liquid natural gas (LNG) industry will play an important role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by helping many Asian countries transition off coal. The strategic development of a strong LNG sector will also provide tens of thousands of jobs in construction, maintenance, and operations for people in B.C. and across Canada, and important revenue contributions to all levels of government. LNG is the perfect opportunity for industry and government to work together to achieve great outcomes for Canada.”

Clyde Scollan, President/CEO Construction Labour Relations Association of BC

“We as 7.7 billion humans on this planet have a collective energy and environment problem. BC’s Liquefied Natural Gas offering is a key component of the medium term solutions.”

Alexander Pietralla, Terrace resident, former Executive Director of Kitimat-Terrace Industrial Development Society and Appointed Board Member of Northern Development Initiative Trust

“I will never forget the day I was standing outside in Shenyang, China. It was a couple of days after the people were allowed to turn on their coal-burning furnaces in November. It began to snow, and instead of the snow being white, it was black. Imagine, fresh snow falling and it’s black. The snow picked up so much soot in the air from the coal burning that it was black by the time it reached the ground. It is crucial we help China switch from coal to LNG to help reduce emissions.”

Judy Desjarlais, President, Topnotch Oilfield Contracting, Blueberry River First Nation (northeast B.C.)

“Blueberry River First Nation is a small community that plays a big role in LNG. All the communities in this area have signed off on it. A lot of us own businesses and a lot of us are benefiting from the work that’s happening in our backyard.”

Elizabeth McDonald, Owner, Insight Resources training, Kitimat

“Most of the First Nations in the Skeena region have been working to have their people ready to do pipeline work and to do the environmental assessments and monitoring that are going to be needed for the LNG project.”

Kerry Jothen, CEO of Human Capital Strategies and 40-year human capitalist

“LNG projects in Canada generate wealth for Indigenous and other communities, particularly in rural communities, through capital investment, community infrastructure and capacity, training and education, business opportunities and meaningful employment. All while reducing carbon emissions throughout BC and the world.”

Ralph Weick, Prince Rupert resident, advocate for responsible natural resource development.

“LNG development is an opportunity that we cannot ignore. It has the potential to significantly reduce global emissions while providing opportunity to our residents and revenue to the different levels of government. It also gives us an opportunity to remodel how we’ve approached development in the past as First Nations communities stand to benefit greatly. LNG is a win-win for us all as it will help the global environment while stimulating our economy at home.”

Mayor Dale Bumstead, Dawson Creek

“Communities are built around quality of life, ‘health and happiness.’ Health, education and economic opportunities are the pillars. We are a province built on resource development. It is the foundation for these pillars. We all need to support responsible resource development.”

Mike Martens, Director of Public Affairs, Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

“Developing Canada’s natural resources is critical to our economic – and social – success. When we develop our resources efficiently and responsibly, the jobs created and revenue generated goes to build up one of the best social programs in the world which benefits all Canadians.”

Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director, BC Building Trades

“LNG not only offers skilled workers the opportunity for employment while building the plant but also the opportunity for apprentices to learn the skillsets from their mentors. We will not only be building an LNG plant, but building career paths for hundreds if not thousands of young British Columbians who want to work in the construction industry. This is especially important for First Nations youth who will be able to fully participate in building not only the plant but their career and their communities.”

Robert Lewis-Manning, President and CEO at Chamber of Shipping

“Canada adheres to the highest standards of marine safety and will ensure the responsible export of LNG globally.”

Wayne E. Mills, President, International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 115

“Thousands of well-paying jobs will be created when construction begins and is a boon to the local economies, including regional Indigenous communities.”

Marissa McTavish: 1,000th participant in LNG Canada’s Trade Training Fund, Sponsored by Primus Electric

“I’m so grateful for the support from LNG Canada and Primus Electric,” says Marissa. “It means that I don’t have to finance my schooling on my credit cards. It’s a huge relief to be able to attend school without the stress of wondering how I will pay for it. I can just focus on doing really well.”

Bill Whitelaw, CEO, JWN Energy and Managing Director, Evaluate Energy

“It’s incredibly important Canadians collectively step up in unison to the opportunity to become a global energy citizen that sets the standards by which the world defines its clean-energy future.”

Doug Parton, Business Manager, Ironworkers local 97

“Canadian workers look forward to participating in this project, which we expect to bring new opportunities to Northern communities, Indigenous People and other underrepresented and undeserved people in need.”

Mike Gatens, Retired executive living in Victoria

“LNG allows B.C. to benefit as royalty owners of the natural gas displacing coal in Asia, creating economic growth in B.C. and reducing global emissions.”

Senator Richard Neufeld

“LNG projects will provide lots of family supporting jobs and will globally reduce GHG emissions.”

Chuck Fowler, Fort St John resident

“LNG represents a generational opportunity for us in the upstream. It’s an opportunity to bring consistent work to people in our communities.”

Geoffrey Cann, Principal, MadCann Alberta Inc.

“LNG is the second most valuable commodity in the world, and highly sought after by countries wanting to improve the environment as well as the lives of their citizens.”

Alan Yu, Founder and Chairman Fort St John for LNG

“I support LNG because Fort St. John is economically reliant on natural gas production.”

Dr. Wenran Jiang, Adjunct Professor, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia

“Large scale LNG exports to China and other developing countries, if replacing coal powered generating plants, will lead to over 50 percent net reduction in CO2 emission worldwide.”

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