LNG Canada’s benefits to the world’s climate are huge:

  • The climate-related benefits of LNG Canada alone are equivalent to taking 19.5 million cars off the roads.
  • One year’s output from the LNG Canada plant can fuel the equivalent of 40 coal-fired power plants currently in use in Asia.
  • That one year of production of LNG from LNG Canada would reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a net 60 to 90 million tonnes. BC’s total annual emissions in 2015 were 61.6 million tonnes. So BC would become carbon neutral, thanks to LNG Canada.
  • In China, 1.2 million deaths a year are linked to air-pollution caused by coal. And India’s polluted air, says a research report, is cutting 660 million lives short by about three years. Both countries can be on our LNG export list, along with Japan and others.


Think of it this way: Emissions do not respect national boundaries. A net reduction of world emissions, thanks to LNG from BC, is of global benefit. The world atmosphere is better off.

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