Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects in Northern BC will revitalize the north and benefit the entire province.

Ironworkers Local 97 rep Doug Parton said in a recent column that LNG projects will benefit First Nations people looking for work in their home communities, and the union is working with the industry and indigenous trainees to make sure they are well-prepared for lifelong careers in trades.

Even if they never work on LNG projects, First Nations trainees now have new options in BC and in the USA.

“First Nations’ members enjoy unrestricted access to work on construction projects in the United States thanks to the Jay Treaty of 1795. As a result of the apprenticeship training First Nations ironworkers will receive working on LNG projects in B.C., work opportunities in places like the U.S. Gulf States and elsewhere will also be open to them,” Parton said.

LNG projects will have many other benefits, he added.

“LNG provides B.C. an opportunity for the future — tens of thousands of construction jobs, along with all the spin-off jobs that building and operating the LNG plants bring to the local economies. Additionally, these projects will expand our tax base and help British Columbia afford the quality health care and education systems we know we all need going forward,” he said.

The full column can be read here.

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