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Showing Up is Easier Than You Think

“The world is changed by those who show up.” That’s a bit of a twist on an old quote, but it provides the answer to a question that comes up often: What can I do to speak up for responsible resource development in the face of all the professional anti-development...

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Northern BC presentations were a huge hit

Researcher and writer Vivian Krause (centre, flanked by David Johnston on left and Steve Simons on right) toured several towns in BC's north last week, giving presentations and providing information about how activists and ENGOs are targeting natural...

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Coastal Gaslink employees tell their story

Meet Tyson. In 30 seconds, Tyson explains how Coastal Gaslink is dedicated to protecting the environment where it plans to build a pipeline. Meet Lillian, a Coastal Gaslink employee who is proud of her work. In 40 seconds, Lillian explains how LNG helped her and her...

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Expert Tip: the power of positive storytelling

By Steve Simons “Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe. However, tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever!” ~ Native American ProverbIn the polarized public debate over natural resource development people are hyper focused on...

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